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 “With a single punch,” the Orlando Sentinel, citing police sources, reported Monday, “Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer … climbed on top of [him] and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered.”
“That is the account Zimmerman gave police,” the paper said, “and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say.”
Meanwhile, the difference between the typical teenager Martin’s family and supporters say he was and the way he presented himself on social media is the subject of increasing debate.
As Dan Linehan, a blogger at Wagist.com, pointed out, correspondence with Martin on Twitter before he died alludes to an incident with a bus driver. “Yu ain’t tell me you swung on a bus driver,” Martin’s cousin wrote to him on Feb. 21.
But a family spokesman told the Associated Press on Monday that Martin was suspended because marijuana residue was found in his bookbag.
“Oh how little we have learned,” David Shane wrote on PolicyMic.com. The media has rushed to judgment yet again. Now, it’s quite possible that Zimmerman is guilty of everything his worst foes accuse him of. There is plenty about this case that troubles me. But that’s exactly the point—I don’t know. Neither does anyone else, and both the scope and tone of the media coverage ought to reflect that fact.” here

As more facts are coming out about both George Zimmerman (not a thug) and Trayvon Martin (quite possibly a thug), we can take one lesson to heart, if not already well learned – we can’t trust the press.

The press consists of a majority of liberals. Liberals have proved they have more of an interest in presenting the ‘news’ to their liking, their bias and their ‘slant’ . . . and little interest in reporting ‘fair and balance’. Facts fall by the wayside in their zeal to push a agenda.  Sadly, the ‘agenda’ here was to push ‘racial tension.’

We don’t know exactly what Martin was suspended from school for, as there are differing reports – but we do know it was not his first offense. And Martin appears, from eyewitness account, to have gone ballistic on Mr. Zimmerman, a hot headed response, that greatly contributed to his death.

One of the more disgusting aspects is that some in the ‘press’ reported George Zimmerman (mixed race of Hispanic/white) as a “white Hispanic” (http://www.cnn.com   – What is evident is that, minutes after that Zimmerman’s first 911 call, police arrived at the scene. They found … Zimmerman is a white Hispanic)  This is disturbingly unbelievable. The bias is clear – he’s WHITE and therefore guilty.

Zimmerman was a man who cared about his neighborhood. Martin a man who cared about himself, with gold clad teeth and a tuff guy ‘hoodie’ stance on Facebook.

As you can see from the original photo the press put out – Martin was 12 YR. OLD.  The other picture is his more recent Facebook photo…. not the angelic child the press presented.

But this makes no difference to the biased bigots – racism like Al Sharpton and the New Black Pathers who have made verbal and physical threats toward Zimmerman.  All for their racist agenda.  What a disgrace.