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A three-page police report contains new details about the shooting  The report, filed by Sanford police officer Ricardo Ayala and published online Tuesday by the Chicago Tribune, indicates that there were at least six witnesses — three men and three women — who saw or heard some part of the events that led to Martin’s death. They ranged in age from 19 to 56, and included five people described as “white.” The race of the sixth witness was listed as “O,” meaning “other.”

It also describes Zimmerman as “in custody” when Officer Ayala arrived on the scene. “Upon arrival Ofc. T. Smith had a white male, later identified as George Zimmerman, in custody,” Ayala wrote.

Officer Timothy Smith, in his written report, notes that “Zimmerman complied with all my commands and was secured in handcuffs.”

“Zimmerman was placed in an interview room at [Sanford Police Department], where he was interviewed by Investigator D. Singleton.”

Officer Ayala described Zimmerman’s alleged crime as a violation of Florida statute 782.11, titled “Unnecessary killing to prevent unlawful act.”

“Whoever shall unnecessarily kill another, either while resisting an attempt by such other person to commit any felony, or to do any other unlawful act, or after such attempt shall have failed, shall be deemed guilty of manslaughter, a felony of the second degree,” the law reads”   Read the full story: here

This is a fairly detailed account of the incident of Feb. 6., although it doesn’t recount in detail what “John”, one of the eyewitnesses, told police and the Fox reporter.  He confirmed Zimmerman’s account that he was attacked by Martin.

What I find interesting is the Statue 782.11, which sounds odd at best.  I dare say most “killings” could be deemed “unnecessary”, but surely, this doesn’t rule out self-defense.  Martin wasn’t armed with a weapon – expect that of strength and power. Zimmerman was said to have been badly beaten by Martin and it has been confirmed, it was Zimmerman who screamed for “help”.  I certainly imagine, any of us, any human being, being in fear for their life, would use whatever force was at their disposal.  In this case, Zimmerman had a gun.

The story continues to progress and will be going to a Grand Jury. But this does not give credence to the hideous act of a bounty hunting placed on the head of an ‘innocent til proven guilty’ citizen, by the racist bigots of the New Black Panthers.  They’re guilty of a felony . . . so where are the cries for ‘justice’ for this group of thugs?  Oh yes, last I heard, Eric Holder, the not so ‘unbiased’ Attorney General of the U.S., said he wouldn’t investigate black on white crime.  Lack of interest I suppose. . . . and the reason he threw out the already confirmed guilty case against the NBP of voter intimidation.  He should be first on the Impeaching block.

But it is indeed shameless, when people rush to an unjust verdict, simple based on hearsay.  So quick to find one man guilty by default and another innocent by reason of skin color.  And it’s a crime to call this “murder” when no verdict is in; no such arrest yet made.  Instead of behaving like barbarians in a ‘blood lust’, behavior of responsible adults is required.