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J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department Attorney, talked to Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends this morning about why he felt the New Black Panther party were being ignored by Attorney General Eric Holder, despite their illegal threat to ‘capture’ Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman.

Adams argues that the Justice Department needs to focus on them because “You cannot solicit kidnapping in the State of Florida, it’s a felony.”

“The new Black Panthers think they are above the law” and Adams attributes this thinking to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.” full story” here
video here:  here

This truly living in an “obamanation” when we have Wanted Dead posters allowed on American citizens.

This is a crime; a felony and where is our dear glorious leader Barack Hussein Obama?  Where’s the Attorney General Eric Holder?  Maybe if the pathetic Panthers called Zimmerman a “slut” or “prostitute” they’d take notice?  Very  doubtful since this outrage is being committed by the racial bigots known a the New BLACK Panthers.  Despicable!

This is why J. Christian Adams resigned from the Obama (In)Justice Department because Holder was refusing to go after an “black defendants”.  Where are the Impeachment papers, Republicans?!