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CNBC’s Rick Santelli: “If I broke my right arm, am I going to pick a fight with the neighbor? No. If I’m two months behind on my mortgage, am I going to go complain to the bank? Probably not. But let’s see, with gasoline approaching $5 a gallon, isn’t this just a supreme time to pick a war with the energy people that are bringing us what already seems to be in the market’s eyes in short supply? Just like picking fights with China when the world’s about ready to go into recession. There’s a time and a place for everything. And, by the way, all these profits Exxon’s making, the administration doesn’t like it. Well, what about Apple making a billion dollars a week, or Microsoft? I bet you if GM made a billion dollars a week, they wouldn’t mind. Come on!” full story: here

Obama, as all Democrats, choose his enemy carefully.  Not to be bothered with al Qaeda, the Taliban or any particular “overseas contingency” force. After all, those Muslims are just angry with Pres. Bush.  The real enemies of America are . . . . Americans.

These are Americans who make a living locating oil, drilling for oil, refining oil and then there are those greedy sob’s who sell the oil, particularly in the form of gasoline.  That evil, toxic liquid which makes those gas guzzling SUV’s roll down the road.

Another prompter enemy of the Democrat party is coal workers, who willingly and greedily take coal out of glorious Mother Earth and then sell that to other greedy sob’s to produce electricity.  That evil substance which makes those $50 Obama approved light bulb work.

The truth is, these Democrat enemies don’t donate enough money to the socialist- Democrat Party.  Were they to do so, just like NBC / GE’s Jeffrey Immelt their names might possibly be removed from the enemy list…. or possibly not.

One of the Democrats conundrums is, while they’re blast and slashing “big oil” as the biggest enemy since Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb or Henry Ford’s Model T, Obama has given millions to foreign country so they can retrieve oil.  Evidently, it’s only the evil “big oil” companies in the U.S., which are evil “big oil” companies. . . . at least, that’s what the political bigots and unbridled liars of the Democrat Party and yammering talking heads on TV, want us to believe.

Just repeat after them: “profits are evil”, “profits are evil” . . . (unless going to our benevolent Democrats.)

So, hurray for Rick Santelli. He boldly speaks truth to power. But since it’s on CNBC, I’m quite surprised he wasn’t fired long ago, or at least run into an unexpected disappearance.