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As millions of people sit in the dark during Earth Hour to call for action against climate change this weekend, a libertarian think tank wants you to fight the power by keeping the lights on.

“Observers of Earth Hour want world leaders to ‘do something’ about pollution and energy use,” the website continues. “What this means is that they want politicians to use legal mandates and punitive taxes to prevent individuals from freely using resources, hindering our ability to create the solutions and technologies of the future.”  Read more: here

I don’t believe in man-made, man-controlled nor man-responsible “global warming”, “climate change” or any other silly name they come up with.  I ‘believe’ in an all powerful God in control of the universe He created.  All silly of course . . . who could possibly believe in such a (provable accurate) Bible?  Or does a millions of believers a consensus make?

Well, whatever.  The Loony Left can cling to their (silly) beliefs in space aliens and climate change.  I just don’t want them “forcing” their peculiar religious faith on me.

Climate change, which we used to refer to as ‘normal’, seasonal adjustment likesummer, fall, winter, spring, is an unprovable lie promoted by the Left, like the communism it was taken from.  It’s not science.  It’s not even scientific – it’s become a faith based religion to Liberals, who usually despise God handing down mandates from above – but loves it when government does so.

As usual, I will plan on burning more lights . . . all night . . . everything . . . a glowing little beacon, hopfully seen from space.  Kilowatt hour after kilowatt hour of used electricity, rightfully used and dutifully paid for.  It’s may right as a free thinking American citizen . . . and almost my obligation to mock these busybody, global- baloney fools who want to intrude on my private life with their government dictates.

bah humbug!