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As liberals lecture about deep-seated American racism, liberal radio host was slamming Justice Clarence Thomas on Wednesday. After playing a soundbite of Anthony Kennedy, she said, “I mean, he’s thinking out loud and this what they do right — except for Clarence Thomas who doesn’t think. At all.”

Thomas, she joked, was just like a dog: “Whatever Scalia does that’s what he does. Well, Scalia’s got a cashmere scarf….I want a cashmere scarf! Oh, Scalia’s going over here, I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go! Take me, take me! He’s like Alan, he’s like the dog. Take me! Oh, you’re going out for a walk? I wanna go, I wanna go! Scalia’s walking, I want to walk, I want to walk!”   Read more: here

I wonder why the liberal, ‘open minded’, ever- defender- against- racism didn’t just call Justice Thomas a bitch?  Or at least explain what kind of  dog would Supreme Court Justice be, in her esteemed opinion…. perhaps a ‘coon dog’?  That would be fitting by her justifications, no doubt.

The hypocrisies of Lefts is staggering.  They’re always  praising themselves for  being open-mined, in deep thought, having a pure conscience and god like intentions – none of which is ever true nor factual. 

In all honestly, does venomous Rhodes hate Justice Thomas simply because of his skin color.  No, I doubt it.  Her brooding hatred is due to his original sin of being a conservative.  He got off the ‘government plantation’ of Liberalism of the Deep North.  And he didn’t get through college on his skin tone or pay homage to Democrats for gracing him with an education.  He worked at being educated; worked at critical thinking and came to the logical conclusion that conservative principles are the correct principles.  He left the government, Liberal indoctrination as a default setting, left the Democrat party and is therefore scorned and maligned. That certainly warrants hatred in any bigoted Liberal mind.