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I’ve watched with some amusement the self-destruction of Keith Olbermann this last week or so, as he was fired from yet another network for being a self-important, overblown, arrogant ass.

My first response was, “You mean Current TV didn’t know that before they hired him?”

Then I remembered that the network was founded by Al Gore and realized those qualities were probably considered resume enhancers.

I further reflected that it would take an ego of truly galactic proportions for a network founded by that same Al Gore to find you impossible to work with . . . .

Until he can break out of the cycle of self-destruction and take a hard, critical and impartial look at himself — his flaws and his strengths — and realize he’s sabotaging himself, he’ll never be the legend he could have been, had he just stuck to what he was good at.

And he’ll never be happy.”   Read more: here

I have no personal acquaintance of Olbermann, so the only opinion can come from what I heard and seen from him.  That turned out to be lost moments of deep regret.  A horrendous waste time trapped listening to some of the most unqualified hatred I’d ever heard.  There was on pretense of of any honest political discussion or exchange of ideas, because Olbermann has no ideas.  Just propaganda.  Nothing resembling a  modicum of ‘fair and balance’.  Olbermann was simply unbalanced.  . .  and not in a good way.

There seems to be a mental disorder which apparently strikes Liberals more than anyone else.  Having a political opinion is fine.  The people who have no opinion or proudly declare they’re (foolishly) ‘independent’ (which they never are), are bothersome and usually terrifically uninformed on anything other than Snooki’s latest escapades.  But to simply regurgitate Democrat talking points, spun directly out of the Oval office and then try to convenience their audience how ‘fair’ they are, is insulting to any intelligent audience.  I must conclude that might very well exclude all of Olbermann’s audience.  The same could be said for Ed Schultz, Andy Rhodes, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.

It has been reported that far Left, bomb-throwing, anti-Conservative hating Keithiepooh had sever problems with the limo drivers, which the failing Gore network provided.  According to the ‘open-minded’ Keith, they smelled or they were so bold and rude as to speak to him . . .  and on and on.  Evidently, Gore finally had enough of his tirades, on and off set and fired him.  Goodness knows that, behind the scenes, few people seemed to like the man nor wanted to be around him.  One would think he’d take some personal accountability . . . but being a deadender Liberal, that would be a foolish assumption.

But cry no tears for Olbermann.  Democrats love their losers.  Look at the moral skank, William Clinton who they still hold a pedestal of paper mache. Clinton rakes in millions of dollars for speaking engagement (ugh) because he was a previous Democrat President.  Clinton, who was known for doing basically nothing but traveling the world at taxpayers expense for 8 years and chasing shirts.  No doubt, Keith Olbermann will be hired and again overpaid ($10 million a year) to rail his  bigoted- hatred- of- all- things- Republican.  After all, he is a poster child for Democrat Loser.