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Those who adhere to the gospel of liberal sexuality fall into two different camps when they discuss Jesus. Religious feminists argue that Jesus Christ had a relationship with Mary Magdalene. Religious homosexuals, on the other hand, portray Christ as gay, as the Huffington Post’s Kittredge Cherry did in a piece titled “Queer Christ Arises to Liberate and Heal.”

Cherry, herself a lesbian writing in the HuffPost Gay Voices section, launched her piece with a provocative and ridiculous claim: “Visions of a queer Christ are on the rise as Easter approaches this year – because the conventional Jesus is no longer enough.” The article supplemented that ‘vision” with a depiction of Jesus on the cross with the word “faggot” at the top instead of “INRI,” like it appears in the Bible.

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I wonder if this extraordinary brilliant and astute writer (cough cough), Ms Cherry, would write such an article about Islam and portray their dear Mohammad as being a “queer”?  Or perhaps call him a “faggot”?  Yeah, I kinda think not.  She might wake up with her head parted from the rest of her body- Islam isn’t so forgiving of idiots and bigots, as are those horrid Christians.
Her ridiculous piece is of course, a piece of trash; but she can eagerly hang on to her right to write such trash.  This is American.  Not Iran, Iraq, etc., etc., etc.Clearly this foolishly, willingly ignorant woman knows little to nothing about Christianity or Christ nor his redemption; His life, death and rise for her personal sins.  I hope she’ll become personally familiar with all He’s done for her one day before her demise.  Then she’ll be able to rationally rethink her absurdity, rudeness and insults. . . all in the name of being another “open-minded” Liberal.