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Liberal talk show radio host Bill Press spoke in Washington, D.C. about how liberals are “at a big disadvantage” when it comes to getting their message out because of the political “imbalance in the media today.”  Press explained that he believes the right-wing bias isn’t just on Fox News — thanks to philanthropists Charles and David Koch, he said, the bias is apparent everywhere.

“It’s not just Fox, which you might expect, right? It’s much bigger than that and it really is an organized campaign led in large part by a couple of men who until about a year ago were under the radar, operated under the radar. And I’m talking about Charles and David Koch. And they are everywhere.”
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This is been a long held strategy of the Left  . . . and Democrats (pardon the redundancy) – blame your political opponent for what they are themselves doing.  Barack Hussein Obama, a sworn Alinskite and admirer of all things radically Socialist, is example numero uno.  And being faithful, drone robs, the Liberals in the press, media and Congress follow in lock step like good little soldiers.

The Liberal media has been called the ‘liberal media’ for several decades.  But more recently won that full-fledged crown in the last 12 years, when their left-sided, loped sided bias became more than apparent.  No need for Pravda here – we have willing Liberals eager and ready to report their agenda and propaganda as “fact” and thus news worthy.  The biased media feed the unsuspecting public their propaganda-dropping like birds feeding their young.

Take the Zimmerman-Martin killing in Florida.  Within the last 10 days 3 “main stream” (leftist loving) news medias (ABC, NBC and CNN) have been forced to admit they skewed both video and audio tape to make it appear Zimmerman wasn’t injured and that he, on his own, referred to Martin as “a black man” when he did not.  This was done for one reason – to slant a racist view of the “white”-Hispanic’ they chose to prosecute and deem guilty.  Facts haven’t supported their views, so they were disregarded.  (here )

These same people repeat Democrat “talking points” which they receive directly from the White House or the Democrat National Committee.  Not to be bothered with actual ‘investigative reporting’ – it’s good enough for them to report their Leftist bias and malign conservatives.  They use the Democrat policies of “the politics of personal destruction” on their common “enemy” . . .  which is always a Republican.  They snarled out the names of Pres. George Bush . . . and now Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Mitt Romney,  as if they were chocking on poison mushrooms.  So eager are they to believe everyone in the world hates Conservatives, as much as they do.  All as they tout how un-biased they are.

Press is pathetic.  That’s nothing new.  He’s part of the “lying Left”, who seem completely incapable of an honest moment.  Or find is too disadvantageous to speak facts to defend their twisted views.  Simply slander the Right and hope the drone- robots of the Left, simply continue to bobbed their little heads in agreement.