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Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen stirred controversy Wednesday evening when she criticized Ann Romney for having “never worked a day in her life.”

During a discussion on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 of the so-called war on women, Rosen said she agreed with Mitt Romney’s claim that women care more about economic issues than reproductive rights. But Romney’s use of his wife Ann’s perspective shows how poorly the former Massachusetts governor connects with voters, Rosen said.  here

Democrat Rosen’s criticism of Ann Romney, Republican Presidential candidates Mitt Romney’s wife, was of course, political slam.  Rosen, a typical Liberal Democrats, hates all things Republican.  But this certainly exemplifies her liberal Democrat bias toward conservative women – or any women who are, evidently, ‘stupid’ enough to be stay at home Mom’s.  These are the women who make the choice to personally care for the children and the family.  This is a choice my husband and I made, are financial lost – but our choice none the less. And well worth it.  But this is on the level of a felony for Liberal women, who appear to view motherhood as a disease of the body, as well as the mind.

I realize Hilary Rosen was probably bashing Ann Romney for not having a “paying job” but none the less, this shows the lack of respect for all women and their “personal choice”.   That was to be the bases of “feminism”, wasn’t it?  Choice?

Working 9 – 5 doesn’t glorify a woman or womanhood.  Women willing and ready to be “full time” Mothers deserve at least equal respect with those women who do not to stay at home.

But Rosen’s insulting comments at stay at home Mom’s as being intellectually ignorant of the economy or national issues, is stupidity and arrogance on Rosen’s part.  The is the sort of liberal arrogance we see and hear, over and over again from the pompous elites, who ‘chose’ to tell the rest of us, how to live.

And it certainly sounds as if Liberal Hilary Rosen has her own democrat funded “war on women”  . . . at least those who aren’t Liberal or “working”.