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We might begin by acknowledging the fact that instances of in-person voter fraud are extremely rare, a point that groups from different political affiliations have acknowledged, and numerous studies — by organizations from the Brennan Center to the Republican National Lawyers Association — have affirmed,” Holder said.

But, Norcross — the head of the Republican group Holder said published research that supports his position — said that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“They [the Obama administration] have started this blatantly ridiculous argument that there’s no such thing as voter fraud,” Norcross told ……

“What we did with this survey is we went to see how many states where there had been instances of voter fraud,” Norcross said of the specific study Holder was citing. “I think the number was 46. We did not, however, identify there were convictions in every state, so he [Holder] immediately somehow jumps to ‘there was no fraud’ because we weren’t citing convictions in that study. That was a very quick study to see where there were reported incidents of voter fraud.”
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This has become the “signature” of the Obama regime – ignoring and distorting.  That’s the more accurate side of Obama’s “hope and change” mantra from 4 years ago.

Voter fraud is a big problem.  Every instance in which a fake or illegal vote is cast, it steals the honest vote.

These Democrats, always desperate to deceive at any cost, are the only people against voter fraud legislation.  Eric “my people” Holder is using the Justice Department to attack states who’ve implemented legislation to cub such tactics.  (here).

And here is the Attorney General of the United State,s who picks and chooses which laws he’s going to enforce and which he’s going to ignore, doing all he can to ensure voter fraud can be rampant in the upcoming Presidential election.

Equally reprehensible is Holder’s factually distorting, and thus lying, about a legitimate study.

Obama won’t ask Holder to resign (he’s doing what he wants him to do).  Holder has no self- dignity to resign for his own incompetence and corruption.  Therefore, it’s up so Congress to Impeach him.