When Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended five games by his team for proclaiming his love and admiration for Fidel Castro in a town full of Cuban exiles, the ardent radicals at the Daily Kos would object.

In an article titled “Ozzie Got Screwed,” The writer going by the handle “Agnostic” of “The Church of Ineffable Stupidity” threw his “WTF” hat into the air:  First, let’s think about what Ozzie really said.  “I love Fidel Castro.  On prior occasions, he admitted that he thought he was courageous, that he stood up to everyone in the world, and that he succeeded where his enemies had failed.  Now what the f–k is wrong with that?”   here

This is stupefying astonishing . . . were it not the sort of expected garbage produced by the radicalized, Liberal mindset.

I’m old school.  I grew when education meant teaching, teaching meant learning and leaning met gaining some basic knowledge.  As early as the 4th or 5th grade I understood the communism was NOT good and that America WAS good.  We didn’t see our President insulting the greatness of America by apologizing and bowing to dictators and kings.  We saluted the flag and recited our Pledge of Allegiance . . . and did so happily and dare I say, with pride.

Somethings gone terrify askew in our ‘educational system’ – and that would be big government inserting is big ugly hand down our gullet and force feeding liberalism to squirmy, inattentive kids.  And another reason the behemoth known as the Dept of Education should be dis-banned.

You have to be ultra stupid to “love Castro”, especially when Florida is filled with people risking their lives in shark infested oceans (I assume), to flee this murdering communist.  He has done zero to actually help the Cuban people.  Communist never help people. They’re oppressors, making themselves as rich and powerful as possible. 

I believe in free speech.  I also throughly believe in a business  being able to fire or reprimand any employee for any reason.  And if being such a jackass as to publicly admire some murdering- pig of a communist isn’t reason enough, then there a no good reason. 

Ozzie Guillen can spend his suspension time reading about the Castro brothers and then give the American public is full report.  I just don’t want him to skip over the parts filled with hundreds of thousands of murdered human beings known as Cuban citizens.