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GSA Official Enjoying Wine and Soak in Spa Tub at M Hotel During “Pre-Conference” Meeting

The government official on the frontlines of the scandal involving a wasteful government conference, U.S. General Services Administration regional commissioner Jeffrey Neely, will invoke his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination, his lawyer Preston Burton tells ABC News. He won’t comment on the $822,751 conference, many of the expenditures for which the GSA Inspector General called “excessive” and “wasteful.” He won’t comment on the bizarre awards ceremony, or the commemorative coins, the mind-reader/motivational speaker.”  Read more:

We can’t forget that this outrage happened under the Obama regime.  These people were following the rules of our ‘dear Leader’, Barack Hussein Obama and simply redistributing our money…. into their pockets.

These GSA workers were giving themselves gifts on a weekly basis.  Little ‘rewards’ for showing up for work, I suppose.  Ipods, Iphone’s . . . whatever struck their fancy.  All paid for by us, the taxpayers, who aren’t paying our fair share – evidently. We might want to ask, “Our fair share of what?”  Government bloat?

Entitlement minded liberals who find new and inventive ways of stealing what they haven’t earned, is something we’re all paying for, like it or not.

Who’s going to ask about those 50% of Americans who pay no Federal Income Tax – what about their “fair share”?  Our military protects them, just as they use public roads and receive benefits afforded being Americans.

Obama’s ideology of redistribution (Marxism) has been a failed policy through all the decades it’s been implemented by ten-horn dictators around the world.  But it has made ‘certain’ people wealthy and powerful – those with special connections to the governemnt.  Perhaps deadbeats, greedy folks like those working for the GSA.

If just prevails, they’ll end up in jail.  We shouldn’t have to pay for a pig in a tub.