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Operation Fast and Furious is the deadliest and most sinister scandal in American history. A scandal so big, it’s worse than Iran-Contra and makes Watergate look like a high school prank gone wrong.

In the early days of the Obama Administration, President Obama claimed his goal was to stop the trafficking of guns from the United States into the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels. He claimed gun dealers in the United States were responsible for sending guns to Mexico. Both of his claims were lies.

In order to push his lies and policies built around them, with a goal of implementing harsher gun control laws and reinstating the assault weapons ban, President Obama packed his administration full of anti-Second Amendment zealots. After all, personnel is policy  here

Barack Hussein Obama has been full of “claims”, all of which have been empty rhetoric to ensure his own election.  He claimed to want to end the ‘red state’/ ‘blue state’ division and have just “the United States”. Clearly his goal in office has been to  “divide and conquer”.  He’s done all possible to pit American against American based on skin color, ideology, or the amount in their checking accounts.  He touts blue eyes against brown eyes and demands to redistribution money as he deems just, with little accountability.  He has in fact done so to befit his donors and supporters, but to other nations, who’ve received millions of OUR tax dollars to create jobs.

But this is the bloodiest of his deceits.  Obama fortunately failed at hiding the truth of the Fast and Furious goal, which was to target the 2nd Amendment and no doubt, try to create more laws to curtail gun ownership.  Owning guns is a constitutionally guaranteed right of law abiding citizens.  We were given that right to protect ourselves, our family and our property from those wishing us bodily harm.  Something Liberals loath.  The ONLY people they want have gun access is governemnt and criminals.  Even a nitwit, liberal drone has to admit that criminals will always have their guns at the ready.  But not citizens, if left Liberal Democrats.

The Obama regime is directly responsible for the death of American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  NO one in this regime has take responsible for his murder.  Eric Holder has ducted and weaved like a skilled illusionist, as he avoids taking any responsible.  Obama, no doubt, given the opportunity, would find a way to blame Pres. Bush.  Janet Napolitano is simply incompetent and was never ready for ‘prime time’.

This was a terribly ill-conceived plot which blew up in Obama’s face, much like the Hilary Rosen, close DNC ally of Obama, insulting comment of Mrs. Romney.  Obama’s lust to punish American gun owners ended in at least one American being murdered and Mexican drug lords, killing Mexicans with our guns.  This is a disgrace.  A criminal offense which Obama, AG Eric Holder and Dept. of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano need to be held accountable for.