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U.S. Congressman Allen West on Tuesday refused to back away from earlier remarks to constituents in Florida that dozens of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives were communists.  (West)  was asked at a forum whether he had second thoughts about calling the 78 members of the House Progressive Caucus communists.

“I don’t regret it whatsoever.  There is a very thin line between communism, progressivism, Marxism, Socialism … it’s about nationalizing production, it’s about creating and expanding the welfare state. It’s about this idea of social and economic justice,” said the retired military officer.” Full article:  here

Democrats, Liberals, Communist, Socialist (pardon the redundancy), will have the expected all- out- control, enraged meltdown, demanding Cong. West apologize, kill himself and leave the country.  Not necessarily in that order.

Let the games begin!

There’s nothing so disarming to Democrats (code word for Progressives, which are Liberals, Communist and Socialist –  here ) than be faced with the facts.  Facts to them are: “lies”, “out of context”, “distortion”, “hate speech” produced by “hate monger” and “haters”.

Unfortunately for the aforementioned ‘Progressives’, they’re simply:  f a c t s.  All one need do, is spend a little time readying the Communist Manifesto, studying Karl Marx and Saul Alinksy to see they support and believe the same principles (and lack there of) as does the (Socialist) Democrat Party.  West is correct. There’s very little difference.

Words like “fundamental change”, “change”, “fairness” are all code words of communist to transforming a county and people to the Socialist standard of government control.  That isn’t the base American was founded on.  The reason this IS an “exceptional” county – we ARE THE EXCEPTION of the world, offering individual freedom to people.  Not a monarchy or dictatorship.  At least not until 2008.

I’m proud of Cong. West for his accurate and fearless comment. I’ll send him a donation, although I’m not a Floridian.  He needs to have a bright, bold future in a reformed conservative Republican Party, unafraid to speak truth to power – whoever that ‘power’ is.