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Union lunacy at its finest. A Michigan teacher, and member of the Michigan Education Association (the teachers’ union), has gone on the record protesting an education spending reform bill that would preclude her from collecting health benefits right away when she retires…at age 47.

It’s hard to decide what’s more galling here: the fact that this woman believes she’s entitled to retire so early — on taxpayer funds, I might add — or that she’s protesting a bill that would require teachers to take marginal responsibility for their own retirements.

The nerve of these insensitive, education-hating politicians!

SB 1040 calls for some fairly invasive cost-cutting measures that would relieve the taxpayers of some of the heavy burden education spending imposes, while asking teachers to invest in their own retirement. The bill requires Michigan teachers to put 5% of every paycheck toward their pension funds, among other reasonable, moderate practices considered standard by virtually everyone in the private sector”read Ms Hicks full article:  here

And they (Democrats) wonder why we (Conservatives) believe “big” Unions are a BIG problem in America.

No need to mention that the union idea, was begun by communist.  Surely everyone knows that by now.  Everyone being those folks who chose to be informed and not just misinformed by Democrat propaganda.  Unions have long out survived any need they once served, and are just an extension of the liberal (Socialist) Democrat Party.  Soaking up money for Liberal cause like a wet, moldy sponge.

And so, here’s an able bodied woman (as able bodies as any of us are as we reach mid-life) longing to retire and live like a queen. . . . maybe I should say royalty.  Retiring to a Union member is: living off of the income some employed worker is providing for them.

As we know, assuming we’re all informed individuals, Unions are basically broke.  Thus, they have to demand more and more money be poured down that sewer to keep Union entitlement minded folks from revolting, taking to the streets and burning down whatever or whoever is in their path.  oops, sorry, they’re already doing that.  (visit the Wisconsin capital and view the damage these ingrates did protesting the duly elected new Governor Scott Walker).

This woman is a greedy deadbeat.  No doubt, she’s also a faithful and loyal Democratic.  This is (one of the multitude of things) which is wrong with the Democrat Party: they not only encourage deadbeats, looking for as free a ride as they can swindle, they encourage it. And encourage it at our expense.  The people who must continue to work, pay taxes . . .  and pay into deadbeats working to retire at 47.