Since becoming secretary of Defense in July, Leon Panetta has flown home to spend time at his walnut farm in Monterey, Calif. 27 times, according to the Pentagon. 
Panetta is required by post-9/11 department rules to travel on a military plane with communications equipment, which Defense officials have estimated costs something on the order of $32,000 for each round trip to Monterey and back. The rules require Panetta to compensate the taxpayers for the cost of a commercial plane ticket: about $630. . . .  The estimated cost for all of Panetta’s trips is about $860,000, almost $20,000 more than the entire scandal-soaked, four-day, 2010 Las Vegas resort blowout held by the General Services Administration.” 
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It seems politicans are the worst at being ‘responsible Americans’.  And Democrats seem to be the worst of the worst, especially when it comes to be held personally responsible for the amount of Other- Peoples- Money they readily spend.
Obama is almost giggly at the thought of making further cuts to the Defense Department.  That’s the Depart twho’s sole responsibility is to DEFEND American and keep her safe for foregoing invaders, etc..  Something most of us consider rather important and mandatory.  But while cutting funding for something as vital as Defense, we have this boondoggle Panetta spending almost $1 million dollars to travel home.  Is it too much as ask these self- important, self- aggrandizing politicians to be involved in the “shared sacrifice” dear leader Obama is demanding from taxpayers?
Could the Obama managed to curb some of his taxpayer paid for vacation trips that he, Michelle and the Obamaettes love to indulge in?  I know this is small change for elite politicians, but before ya know it, those $100.1000 trip add up to millions of dollars.  And it is, as they say, OUR money.
If Panetta loves his fame so much, maybe retire and plot there full time.  If not, wave bye-bye until you do retire.  Or at leasts, give thought to the amount of OPM your wasting on yourself.