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Students eat at their desks as announcements drone from the public-address system. After a brief pause to pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag and toss empty milk cartons, Aronofsky’s freshmen turn to examining pill bugs under magnifying glasses. Time: 8:45 a.m.

That many children eating school breakfast is rare. Although the number of hungry children in the U.S. is rising, fewer than half of the kids who could be eating a free or low-cost breakfast at school are getting one.” here

Sadly, I wonder if we haven’t lost this war against common sense and responsibility. I often compare liberal thinking to a disease, which it is. It takes over the thought process like a cancer and has the same effect of cirrhosis on the liver.  Destructive.

Parents produce children; not school systems. Parents are… should be, responsible for those children; not school systems.

The Liberal bemoans compassion and touts it as a form of personal godliness.  In fact, it’s from far it.  We do no kindness, to do for others what they can do for themselves.  Parents sole responsibility is to teach and provide for their children in a legal, moral, ethical and compassionate manner.  No one says it will be easy, cheap and certainly not free.

No one wants to see children go starving hungry.  Most aren’t’ starving but simply want a snack.  But the fact is, we have few children who are the definition of starving either.  Way too many parents spend money on booze or cigarettes and not descent meals for the kiddies.  And it’s not up to the neighbor across town to pay taxes to feed someone’s kids because they’re lazy and defaulting their obligation.  And it is an obligation to supply for your own children.

If truly in need, there are many church and social organizations who make it there business to supply food for families.  But it’s an extremely bad policy for taxpayers to pay for meals for lazy parents who can’t be bothered or are “rushed” for work.  We’re all busy and rushed.  Most of us remain responsible.  Don’t make us responsible for your kids.