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Video purportedly shot minutes after George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death shows heavy bleeding on his scalp, lending possible credence to his claims he killed the teen in self-defense.

ABC aired the exclusive video on “Good Morning America” Friday, hours before Zimmerman appeared before a judge who ruled he could be freed on bond while he awaits trial on a second degree murder charge.

Zimmerman told the 17-year-old boy’s parents in court that he was “sorry for the loss of your son,” but maintained he acted in self defense. His lawyer said he was confronted by the unarmed teen after calling police to report a suspicious person in his gated community. One witness has said he saw the pair fighting, and that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, slamming his head into the pavement.

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I wonder if this is more ‘media malpractice’? How long has ABC had this “new” video, shot minutes after Martin was shot and Zimmerman attacked? Yet, just now, it ‘suddenly’ appears.  What a corrupt, bias media we’re stuck with.

There will undoubtedly be those who will chime in that the wounds don’t look serious enough or mock the entire bleeding head as not enough of an injury to warrant a killing. Those people weren’t there. They weren’t being attacked. Had they been, I’m also sure they’d find this very ‘serious’.

Mr. Zimmerman has told the Martin family he’s sorry. That takes a bit of courage. All reports from friends and relatives, say the same thing. His remorse at what transpired. But we all have the obligation to defend ourselves and, as Zimmerman said, he didn’t know if Martin was carrying.

We’ll never hear any such apology from race mongering bigots like Jackson and Sharpton. So quick to fly to the scene and stir up ‘racial animosity’ for personal gain and TV time. And that’s about all they’re ever about.  These people are shameless. They should be promote justice for all and not justice for some. Isn’t that what MLK was fighting for?

It’s a tragic shame Martin was killed.  How responsible was he for his own demise?  Hopefully this trial will bring all the answer.  But I fear, those who’ve made up their minds won’t let facts get in their way.  Which side are you on?