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There are times when you glance at the leftist Daily Kos blog and wonder if they’re being sabotaged from the inside. Case in point: a blog titled “The fetus is a parasite.”

“Sasharusha” blogs “back to the whole fetus= parasite thing. That is how I see them. I don’t see them as cute and cuddly. I see them as terrifying and scary. I see pregnancy the same way. Here are some examples on how pregnancy is a parasitic relationship:”

The Z/E/F sucks the nutrients from the mother.
The “relationship” only benefits the fetus.
The mother’s organs and body parts become damaged.
The fetus controls the mother.
The fetus doesn’t give anything “back”.

Some people would argue that this is a form of Mutualism, which is a relationship where both the host and the parasite benefit, but how does this benefit the mother? Where is that “benefit”?

After listing ways in which a fetus is just like a parasite, Sasharusha concludes:

There you have it, folks. A fetus is a damn parasite and it invades the mother’s body like one too.

I am the kind of woman who prefers science, studies, and medical facts over throwing pregnancy on the “magical miracle” band wagon. It is not magical, it’s called genetics and biology. God has nothing to do with it either. And it is not a damn miracle! If it happens every damn day, how is that even close to a miracle!? A miracle would be a man conceiving and gestating a fetus full term.  Read more: here

Wow, umm, well, OK, it’s good to know what liberalism does to the mind.

It is revealing when Liberals show us who they are.  Even the distorted, dark side of their mind, lets the rest of humanity know what we’re dealing with. . . or against.  But to most humans, this is the stuff we call macabre – the grim, ghastly atmosphere making of the thinking process of the Left.

I’m sure “Sasharusha” (perhaps the name”Sasquatch” would have been fitting) is a well educated female, either from our (failed) public ‘skools’ or a graduate of one of our elite universities, where liberalism is fed through a straw for easy consumption.  Liberalism is, after all, the ‘default’ setting of life.  It’s takes honest work, thought and dare I say, ‘critical thinking’ to reveal the brilliance that make up conservative principles.

Yes, a baby, (fetus is a vulgar term to malign a new human life) does take it’s existence from the Mother.   That’s by design.  God’s design.  And it has worked quite well for thousands of years.  But this is a separate life, with a separate blood system, organs, etc.  A separate personally, which, not killed before birth, results is a small human being we call a “baby”.  Something most people don’t find objectionable . . .  or parasitic.  Maybe “Sasharusha Sasquatch” didn’t get the memo or slept through class that week? 

Possibly Leftist, God denying “Sasharusha” is using sarcasm or warped humor when comparing the new infant life to a parasite, but one thing is more than likely.  “Sasharusha” is probably a parasite herself, living off of Mummy or Poppsie or has her hand somewhere in the government dole of ‘freebies’ consumption.  Lefts do love subsisting off the government ‘teat’.