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Twenty-five congressmen (including the extremely disliked Dem. Nancy Pelosi) are co-sponsoring a resolution to amend the U.S. Constitution to block the rights it protects from applying to corporations, a change that could also strip newspapers of First Amendment protections.

The proposed People’s Rights Amendment is a reaction to the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision, which decreed that restrictions on corporate political spending were unconstitutional.

Although she isn’t one of the 25 co-sponsors, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday her support for amending the Constitution to prevent corporations from “oozing slime into the political system.”
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All these anti-Constitutional, radical Democrats in government, find sweet sounding names for the crimes they want to implement against American.  Like this “People’s Rights Amendment”, which has nothing to do with the rights guaranteed to the people.

What Liberals are wanting to do though, silence speech; control speech; allow ONLY the speech of which they approve.  And that of course is the every hate-filled, lying word falling from the gaping mouth of a political Liberal.  Corporations DO have the right to “free speech”.  That mean, they are guaranteed by the Constitution to speak freely without restrictions, control (aka laws), applied to shut them up by the Federal government.  Yet, that’s precisely what this federal government wants to do.  Ladies and Gentlemen: this is communism at it’s worse (excluding execution of political dissidents, for course.  But, the way this government is going, that might be next, seeing as how Obama hates “tea baggers”)

A corporation is made up of people.  These are people who have the right to support and speak out or for, what any political party they so choose.  There’s nothing illegal and is a Constitutional.   Whether Democrat or Republican, they have the legal right to send campaign contributions.  Not so if the Democrats have their way.

This is another constitutional, illegal grab by socialist Democrats, hiding behind sweet sounding words to fool the very fool-able in our country.  There’s nothing sweet about what Pelosi said.  Nothing which will uphold our Constitution, our guaranteed rights, which Democrats find new and inventing ways to violate every day in office.

These radicals must be voted out of office before the USA is the USSA.