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Majority of Americans Support SB 1070 as it Heads to the Supreme Court Today

Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration bill heads to the Supreme Court today for arguments. The legislation has been dubbed one of the nation’s “most controversial” and most “anti-immigrant” laws in the country, but the truth is, the legislation really isn’t controversial at all. SB 1070 simply allows local law enforcement, the same officers who deal with the criminal consequences of illegal immigration everyday, to ask people regardless of skin color, for proof of citizenship after a crime has been committed (for more information about what’s really happening on the border and what our local law enforcement officers are up against, click here.) Predictably, as soon as SB 1070 passed and was signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, we saw emotional responses, dangerous behavior and accusations of racism ..”  here

This case is really simple. Especially if you consider the Constitution (aka, legality) “rights of States”.  One of their rights is to defend themselves . .  and since this Federal government is refusing to do so, many states are doing what they can to defend themselves against the consequences of illegal invasion.  Illegals, coming from many country’s including the middle East, sneaking into our nation, is just not acceptable.  Selling drugs, selling people, transporting arms, some of which are from enemy countries wishing America particular harm.

The Obama regime response is: sue these states.

There’s on one possible reason.  Democrats, as we know, want illegals.  They’re doing all they can to ensure these people will vote and become legal, through an illegal backdoor process.

Americans have been murdered by these illegals and Obama shrugged.  No apology, no phone to see if citizen are “OK’, no increased border enforcements, no fence, no armed Border Guards – but suing these States.

Clearly, Obama, Holder and Napitoliano don’t want secure borders.

The Barack Hussein Obama regime is a corrupt, anti-American government, working against the best interest of Americans.  I dare say, that has been Obama’s goal all along.  The above sign was placed  in Arizona by Obama’s government – to warm Americans that THEIR country, THEIR land is no longer safe for American citizens.  It’s controlled by Mexicans.