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Despite NBC’s refusal to engage in any transparency regarding its internal investigation into the airing of two fake audio recordings of George Zimmerman, information about how they made it onto the air is continuing to leak out.

According to a Southern Florida television news blog, the creator of at least one of the false audio clips was a correspondent with NBC’s Miami affiliate WTVJ named Jeff Burnside. According to SFLTV, Burnside was the person responsible for editing Zimmerman’s call to 9-1-1 which made him appear to be racially motivated in his pursuit of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. That manufactured audio was then taken by NBC News and run on the air:

“You won’t hear it anywhere else but here – insiders have told us WTVJ reporter Jeff Burnside was fired last Friday for allegedly editing the Trayvon Martin 911 tape, the same tape NBC aired on ‘Today’ in early April. Allegedly, his firing wasn’t announced internally and so far there is no information whether NBC made a conclusion if the edit was misleading on purpose or if it was an oversight….”

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This isn’t surprising for those who keep themselves informed on the far Left political bias of the U.S. news media.  But this might well be, and should be, a criminal offense.

I can’t place the name of the law, but if a news outlet intentional presents news items as ‘fact’, when they’ve been forged and manipulated with an intent to predict a particular understanding of the events, that is a legal offense.

I hope NBC, Jeff Burnside and the rest of the biased bigots in the ‘news’ media,  are sued by George Zimmerman.  What the news outlets have done to him, to convict him before a trail, is beyond despicable.

Everyone should want ‘justice’.  Not just their preconceived view of justice.  If the trial proves Trayvon attacked Mr Zimmerman, all of these news organization will owe Zimmerman more than an apology.  They should owe him millions of dollars.