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Speaking with two Democratic members of Congress about goings on in the House Friday, Bashir said referring to Republicans, “If there isn’t a war on women most of us must be ignorant”
The perilously liberal MSNBC host of course accused the GOP of intentionally harming women with this bill, and aired clips of female Democrats including former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saying, “It’s like they’ve rubbed two stones together and they’re playing with fire…Unfortunately they came back with what seemed natural to them – let’s take the money out of women’s health rather than subsidies to big oil.”

The host’s first question was, “Speaker John Boehner says that Democrats are fabricating a so-called war on women, but how else to understand an approach to this student loans issue whereby Republicans want to fund it from healthcare resources?”    Read more: here

There is vast ignorance looming. That ignorance, and stupidity along with blatant lying, is coming from the Left, not Republicans.

There “war on women” has always come from our greedy, big government Democrats, who views themselves, aka ‘government’ as more capable of being in charge of our money, than we are. They want to be the ones deciding who gets what and when, as has transpired under this Obama regime.

Obama and the Democrats have transfered over 500 millions dollars from social security and Medicare to Obamacare.  And yet, these Democrats carry on as if NO women will be effected by the lose of money from those who entitlements.  Apparently the Dems would like to be able to tout that as fact, when it’s not.

Secondly, it’s the Democrats, Liberals and glorious ‘Progressive’, who continuously call Gov. Palin and any conservative women, the most vulgar, incendiary names.  The “war on women” is a Leftist attack.

As for “oil subsidies” going to “big oil” – that’s any in- your- face and up- your- stovepipe lie, which I know longer have any tolerance for. The “subsidies” to which these liars are refering, is rightly called, business tax deductions. Those little deduction we all can get for one thing or another…. and in specific, those LEGAL deduction which are related to ALL BUSINESSES and inpensieves incurred. And yet, our glorious Lying In Chief, along with the Democrat Party and big mouths on MSNC and beyond, all continue to boast about the lie that these are “subsidizes”. Subsidies are monies coming directly from the government into the pocket of business – as with SOLYNDRA and the rest of the billions Obama shuffled to his donors in the failed ‘green’ industry.

No doubt, this will be one of the worst, more despicable campaigns we’ve seen in a long time, although, I will add, they seem to get worse every year. But Barack Obama and his Marxist agenda, is not one easy to give up on his kingly authority reign. He certainly has more he wishes to force on America and it appears he will to do and say, whatever he wants to accomplish another 4 years of destruction.