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Dan Savage, is a gay activist, who is celebrating homosexuality and a variety of other ‘sins’, to an audience of teenagers.  This is really of no surprise, coming from a non-Christian, but we should be surprised at his bully tactics!

This conference was (supposedly) about being bullied.    But this Christian bigot, Dan Savage, bullied over 100 young teens who were so offended by his assault on their beliefs (calling the Bible “bull shit”, that they walked out.

They walked out quietly and respectfully and after getting permission from their teacher.  They walked out to stand up for their personal, religious beliefs . . .  and were called “pansy asses”, laughed at and mocked by the less than adult, Dan Savage.  Disgraceful.

Somehow Christians are always fair game for the worst, radical liberals in our society.  And the attacks usually take place while these Liberals are using their ‘free speech’ rights to push their radical agenda.

It should go without saying that Savage knows nothing of the meaning of the words within the Bible.  Simply his jaded, biased interpenetration of something he finds personally repugnant.  Hopefully, one day, he’ll have a true view of Truth.

See the video: here