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On Morning Joe today, Rather emphatically alleged that he was “at peace” over the Memogate fiasco that led to the end of his career. But he couldn’t help himself from suggesting that his reputation had been destroyed by anonymous partisans employing “lies.”

Ironically, Rather’s whine came in response to a self-indulgent set up from Mike Barnicle, who bemoaned the “danger” in the way “elements of the culture around us” can extract “one day” of a career to define its entirety.  I’ll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime watch Rather clinging to the fantasy that his career was damaged by false attacks from others, rather than by his heedless reliance on palpably false documents.   Read more: here

And I bet “Morning Joe” Scarborough, the MSNBC pretend conservative, bobbled his head in agreement.  Heaven forbid . . . . Obama forbid any Leftist commentator ever challenge another Leftist on his asinine assertions.

The reason Rather was readily impeached on his bias, was for one reason: his (unprofessional) bias.

It was proved (aka validated, affirmed, substantiated) that the document Rather gleefully swooned over, was a FORGERY.  It was also proved, that it was created by a Liberal Democrat operative in Texas, given to a Liberal Producer at CBS and then transferred to Mr Dan Rather.  All in a Democrat attempt to impugn the reputation of a sitting President, George W Bush, in hopes he would lose the 2004 election.

Even after the facts were exposed, this political bigot, Dan Rather, kept foolishly and insanely insisting that the “story was true even if the document wasn’t”?  And the sky is pink, although it appears blue?

Rather is a true “bitter clinger”, clinging to his partisan, propaganda and Leftist ideology that Bush is evil, Bush is a fraud, Bush is guilty. No other ‘facts’ are required but that George W Bush, and all Republicans/ Conservatives, are guilt by ideology and Party affiliation.  This is the reason Rather was run out of his job – an outraged public that forced Rather to hit the ‘goodbye’ road.

And now Mr Rather simply part of the Liberal Whiners Club, singing ‘How Da’ Republicans  Done Me Wrong” song.  He’s evidently incapable of seeing his major flaw: pushing lies as fact to damage a Republican candidate.

Shame on him, although I’m sure, Rather is immune to any shame.