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Some parents are calling school officials in Colorado “food Nazis” after they announced a ban on all sweets, including cupcakes, candy bars and even birthday cakes – unless the cakes are made with a black-bean recipe designated by the school district.

School officials in Greeley, CO advised parents that new federal guidelines require all food served on grade school campuses to adhere to strict calorie counts.

Teachers will no longer be able to reward students with a piece of candy for good work. Instead of a Jolly Rancher, students who excel might be given a pencil – or an eraser.  Full story: here

“Hail Obama” or would “Hail, Obama Regime” be less racist?  In any case, until Obama official bans free speech, I’ll offend away.

This is “food Nazism”.  Bureaucrats in the government controlled schools, once again telling parents what they won’t allow them to give their children (“their children” refers to said wee ones parents and not the school Food Nazi’s)

Liberals will immediate decry: ‘childhood obesity and diabetes’. . . and that they, the Food Nazi’s, know best.  In actuality, this has nothing to do with food police, fat kids are any particular disease.  It’s about CONTROL and LIBERTY.

As with the ban on smoking in the work place, the Smoking Nazi have now banned smoking outside the workplace, in public parks, in private residences… just about every where.  Even shutting down legitimate business, to push their agenda.  All because of the false propaganda that ‘2nd hand smoke is dangerous’.  It isn’t’.  There’s no reliable proof and if it were true, 95% of all adults over the age of 30 would have lung cancer by now.

This is the way Liberals work.  They create a ‘manufactured crisis’ (smoking, obesity, water shortage, climate change), blow it completely out of context so they can make laws to control our behavior.

And this is the reason Liberals, ‘progressive’ or Democrats have NO place in any governemnt capacity – their distorted, radical, controlling agenda is always on the prowl to control the lives of individuals.  They’re Nazi Busybodies . . . bullies, if you will.  Vote them out, impeach them all and fight back.  They should have no say on what we feed our children, if we smoke legal cigarettes at home and outside, what kind of toilet we want or make us drive a ridiculous, poorly made electric car we don’t want.

If we don’t fight these Nazi Busybodies, soon we’ll all find ourselves in the collective gulag for crimes of eating a Snickers.