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HARRISON SCHULTZ, “OCCUPY” PARTICIPANT: We never left. We were just tired. I mean, anarchy isn’t easy. This is a lot of work. We had to hibernate for awhile, but today we are resurging. The energy is really good out in the streets.

The problem here is capitalism. That’s what needs to change. That’s what is failing all of these people. I personally don’t care about this election. I know other people are working on it.

But I am looking at far, far more radical alternatives than political alternatives. I would like to actually see a new form of politics entirely.

(HANNITY: So anarchy is not easy and more radical alternatives are being explored. Well, from the look of these new pictures from May Day, well, they seem to be pretty radical alternatives to me.  Read more: here

Finally a Liberal who admits what he and this nasty, anti-American Occupiers are all about – anarchy.  Not just picketing and (peaceful) protesting, but the violence that always follows anarchist around like stink on a skunk.  Violence they like to believe, will get them what they want: an end to capitalism (freedom of opportunity to make as much money as you can) and an ushering in to ‘glorious’ socialism, which inevitably ends with dictators.

These people are simply idiots.  Deadbeats, cranky, lazy misfits who demand someone give them whatever they want since that someone has more money than they do.  They’re anarchist who will just as easily physically attack a passerby as not.  The ignorant and lazy of any society who like to image others own them out of pocket.

And the Democrat party, including Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have endorsed these drug using, public sex acts, defecating on police cars Liberals misfits.  So when you see an Occupier mulling around the street corner, smelling like refuse, screaming demands of ‘givme givme’, think of the man defecating on a car and the Democrat party.  For all intent and purposes, they are the same people.