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After listing some of Warren’s credentials, Jehmu Greene said, “To question this woman on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to folks like you, voters like you, bow-tying white boys.”

Carlson quickly responded, “Hey, hey, hey. You can’t, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa…You can use name calling all you like, but you’re ignoring the truth.”

“I didn’t call you a name,” amazingly replied Greene. 

I guess she doesn’t think “white boy” is name calling.”  
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Let’s just try to guess how outrage Mssss Jehmu would have been, had Tucker Carlson referred to her as a ” (fill in the blank) BLACK GIRL“?  I’m sure the audience would have enjoyed seeing Jehmu exploded and splatter all over the camera lens and beyond. 

She honestly doesn’t believe, calling Carlson a “bow- tying- white boy” isn’t a racist insult?  Of course she does.  But she was caught being racist and had to deny the undeniable, as if it hadn’t JUST happened. 

But Ms Jehmu Green also knows that being a black Democrat, she’s likely not to be called named or insulted for her skin color . . . nor will any apology be demanded from her, as it would from any Republican or Conservative, regardless of skin tone. 

The hypocrisy of Democrats as gagging.  And I’m hoping most of the country has had their fill of these nauseating, rude Democrats.  These pompous, arrogant Liberal talking heads no longer require respect or even courtesy.  All we continually get from them, is the same tired rude hypocrisy that’s been their discourse for more than 2 decades.  And it’s grown much worse under the Obama reign.  Obama, the man who said before the election, he’d end “red American and blue American… there’d be just American”.  What a joke. 

The racism on the Left has warped into hyperbolic speed, maligning and ridiculing “red state” Americans, white Americans, anyone making $1- more- than- me- Americans.  That isn’t America. 

Ms Green is a big mouth, “black girl” filled with bigot, racism and a true “bitter clinging”, clinging to her bias and skin color as if it were a Get Out Of Jail free card.  Which considering the racist United States Attorney General (Eric Holder) we have, might well be true.