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As NewsBusters reported, disgraced former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather said Wednesday that most journalists aren’t liberal and the concept of media bias “is a sham.”

Former CBS reporter Bernie Goldberg appearing on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor Thursday called Rather’s assertion “delusional”.  
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Anyone still desperately clinging to the idea that we’re not overloaded with ‘media bias’ is in fact, delusion, has a profound lost of mental capabilities or is simply lying to themselves.  The liberal bias in this nation, is so thick it can be cut with one of those cheap pocket knives confiscated by the TSA. 

I will admit, that the people who are solely consumed in their own, daily lives, making a living or raising a family, might well not pay attention to politics and the bigoted dribble the bias media regurgitates night after night.  And honestly, that’s what the “lame stream media” relies upon.  It’s easy enough to feed pablum to babies and just keep stuffing in down their gullets when spit out.  Not so easy with informed, thinking adults.

But for those with the slightest bit of curiosity, education or realization of what America is, can’t swallow the liberal biased pablum.

Barack Hussein Obama is an unmitigated disaster. . .  as far as disasters go.  He’s failed at being a successful President and leader of the free world.  Sadly for Americans, he’s succeed in his personal agenda of “changing” (his view of ) a “failed nation” into a warped, distorted resembles of its former self. 

Obama has never ‘like’ America as founded and established: with maxim personal freedom.  Personal freedom means the opportunity to succeed in many ways …. with the realization that the opposite side of that coin is failure.  Failure means another opportunity is waiting around the corner.  I rather fail and have the opportunity to try again, then to live in Obama defined “fairness” with no opportunity of moving up that ladder of financially success.  Where ‘big government’ decides who the winners and losers are…. and they would always be Democrat supporters and donors. 

Only the laziest in any country want government to give and government to provide – for what government gives and provides, government can will, remove at it’s slightest whim.