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The media crusade to redefine marriage has taken a radical turn. Media outlets have put a spotlight on the narcissistic practice of “self-marriage,” in which a person marries himself or herself in a formal ceremony.

CNN’s sister network HLN provocatively titled a June 1 piece “Is self-marriage for you?” The HLN piece cited several examples of people who have “taken vows of self-marriage as a way of contractually binding themselves to matrimonial values,” quoting psychologist Brian Powell: “It doesn’t surprise me that people who live alone want some type of acknowledgment from others that this is a reasonable choice.”

Powell conceded that “self-marriage” is not marriage in any legal sense: “Basically it’s not a legal marriage, it’s just a ceremony that says she’s happy.”

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I’m thrilled that I’m “old school”.  Where words have definable, actual meanings.  Marriage, for example, still means when a man and woman make the choice to be married – sharing a residence and a life together.  When they make a commitment to that ‘marriage’, forsaking all others to build that life.  Not an easy thing, but a good thing.

Now we have an extremely small minority of a minority of homosexuals, demanding  to be recognized as “married”.  Well, guys and gals, you can have anyone marry you that you can find, but it isn’t and will never be accepted as “married”.  You can take that to the court house.

How far down the road of insanity must someone stroll, to decide to marry him or herself?  That’s enough narcissism to make even Barack “me myself and I” Obama shutter a bit in the deep, deep recesses of his narcissist mind.

The old saying is, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” but it’s certainly wasted on liberal ideas like this one.

I don’t believe much in psychiatrist, but if I did, these people ‘marrying themselves’ need a standing appointment.  Where has a society gone wrong, that this sort of self aggrandizing insanity could even pop up?  I hate to tell you, but it’s liberalism.  That nasty ole nemesis that has one goal: to destroy what is right and good and replace it with all that wrong and bad – to put it simply.

But, no time for a lengthy lecture today.  And besides, if you’re a ‘radical Liberal’, you could never see the insanity of ‘self marrying’.  If you’re not, you’re already convinced of it’s narcissist devaluing of self and marriage.