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Liberal talk radio host Bill Press has a bone to pick…with the Star Spangled Banner. Press said recently on his radio show that his main goal is to get rid of it. At first, Press tries to play off his issue with the National Anthem as being because the song is difficult to sing, but quickly expresses his true feelings about the song:

“It’s an abomination.”

“Are we the only ones who are brave on the planet? I mean all the brave people live here. I mean it’s just stupid I think.”

“I’m embarrassed, I’m embarrassed every time I hear it.”  here

I enjoy it when a Liberal Democrat exposes what a bona fide idiot he is.  And Bill Press easily wins the Bonehead Award of the Week.

I’m also sure he supports the anti-American woman ( story here) who refused to rent an apartment to an America war vet because . . . . he’s a vet.  She’s an flower child of the 60’s who never grew up, probably foolishly clung to Obama’s “hopey changey” propaganda and believes destroying guns and ‘giving up’, is equal to world peace.

Lord have mercy.

How anyone can stomach listening to a political bigot like Press is mind stunning.  Who does listen to these people?  Al Qaeda?  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?  Barack and Michelle (who was “never proud of her country before”…).

These people, liberals, who readily suck up the bigoted propaganda other Liberals regurgitate, have to have ‘minds full of mush’.  Which doesn’t mean many aren’t college grads, but that also doesn’t make anyone smart . . .  nor wise.

Learning the truth, seeking it out, studying the facts and absorbing conservative principle makes anyone ‘smart’ and wise beyond years.  And that’s what we want for everyone.  Filled with knowledge . . . not talking points and misinformation.

Liberalism is fact-less and without honesty.  It consist of propaganda, lies and distortions of political bias.  And it’s fed to the eager unknowing and the stupefyingly ignorant.  Fed long enough, these people believe it’s food and heartily suck up more to feed the beast growing inside.  Liberalism is destructive to the mind, soul and body.

Just look at a fool like a Bill Press and you’ll see the results – bitterness, hatred, haranguing his own country and it’s national anthem. Just like little arrogant ‘Barry’ Barack and Michelle – they chose to see ugly when they heard the word America.  They chose not to see the greatest nation that God in his magnificence, placed here.  All to offer personal freedom and liberty to all who want  it . .  fight for it . . .  and cherish it as ‘exceptional’.