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The front of Thursday’s New York Times Home section (!) features a large story targeting Mitt Romney that makes the paper’s notorious front-page investigation into Ann Romney’s troubling horse habit look as significant as Watergate by comparison.  (cut)

A liberal gay couple  . . .  Randy Clark right, and his partner, Tom Maddox, object to the expansion – and to the candidate’s stance on same-sex marriage.”

The couple got another photo and caption on the jump page with their political opposition to Romney masked as neighborhood concern: “CONCERNED: Randy Clark, right and Tom Maddox are among those who say they want to protect the tight-knit neighborhood.”   Read more: here

Who can take this sort of propaganda- style, anti-Republican bigotry seriously?  It’s very clear that the NY Times has become a bias ‘rag’ of a paper.  But creating new ways to smear Romney, his family and business success is extreme . . .  extremely petty, extremely small, extremely corrupt. . .  and extremely expected.

The NY Times never found the time nor need to do a journalistic investigation into the background, college years, high school years or look into the associates and friends of ‘Barry’ Barack Hussein Obama before the 2008 election.  Never cared about his associations with radical socialist like Rev. Wright, homeland terrorist like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn nor his joining a New Socialist political party ( here) because the Democrats weren’t “radical” enough for Obama.

But we’re to be shocked and appalled that “gay neighbors” of the Romney’s hate him and hate his house?

I hope the majority of the voting Democrats aren’t as stupid, whinny and petty as the NY Times insinuates all of them are.  And I foolishly wonder if the NY Times, as well as the corrupt media, will ever discuss Obama’s pathetic record of the last 4 years, or simply keep digging up straw-men to demonize.