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In recent weeks a very dangerous pattern of personal attacks against conservative bloggers has occurred with increasing frequency.

Combined with a related decision last week by a judge to place a gag order on a conservative blogger, they now face a real threat to conservative speech at the grassroots level just as the election season is beginning to heat up.

The situation is so serious that Sen. Saxby Chambliss has written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder calling for a full investigation into what appears to be orchestrated attacks against conservative bloggers.

This pattern of attacks has increased in recent months, with Leftist blogs posting the personal information, addresses and pictures of the homes of conservative bloggers.”  Read the full article:    here

One thing’s for sure.  These attacks aren’t coming from “right-wing”, conservatives, Republicans or “teabaggers” (as Obama himself referred to a group of Americans) . . . but from Liberals, Leftist and proud Democrats, willing to do anything to skew and win an election.

Leftist lovers hate the fact we have ‘free speech’ afforded to all in this nation.  They throughly believe, they should have control of speech (thus telling everyone else which words are “acceptable” to use and not use, depending on who you are.  For instance, ‘negro’ and all it’s derivatives are acceptable when used by blacks people . .  but no one else).

Free speech and discussion, have been a founding principle of this country.  It’s also a founding principle of Liberals, Progressives, Socialist, Marxist and Communist to disallow ‘free speech’.  Free speech offers individual people too much freedom, in their jaded, dictatorial view.  It also increases the possibility for truth to flourish, which is never a good thing for the aforementioned people and their propaganda.

Now we have these Leftist doing all sorts of sordid attacks against people due to their conservative, Constitutional beliefs.  This should be illegal (if and when provable) and possibly a felony.  The stunts talked about in the article are way beyond childish pranks.  They’re personal assaults on individual free speech.

Of course, since this is transpiring under the Obama regime and since Attorney General Eric Holder has already proved his bias, prejudice and political bigotry, I have little hope he’ll have this investigated.  For all we know, this could be coming directly from Barack Obama and his surly surrogates.