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In this week’s “How Dumb Is Bill Maher” segment, the Obama-supporting comedian actually said on HBO’s Real Time Friday that the United States ranks fifth worst in the world in income inequality. 

“How could it get much worse?” asked Maher. “I mean, right now we’re fifth in the world, fifth worst in income inequality.”

Some notables with far worse income inequality include Thailand, Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, China, Peru, and Argentina.  Read more: here

How dumb is Bill Maher?  What an boundless question with enumerable answers . . . but on this particular topic, according to the CIS’s World Factbook, the U.S. is currently trolling in a number 43 . . . not 5th.  Of course, Maher being an proud, uninformed, ignorant Liberal, never lets facts get in the way of a good argument or a propagandic tirade.

But I don’t even accept the premise.  Income inequality?  What a load of donkey manure pilled into the back of a liberals limousine.  And I’m sickened by the big mouthed buffoons lurking in the dark recesses of the Left, who are too willfully stupid to absorb facts.  We don’t have “income inequality” in America.  This is American.  Where all are free to pursue, strive and succeed.

In America, the entire premise is liberty.  You want money?  If that’s your goal, we have been established, as a nation that won’t stop you from achieving your financial dreams  –  if you’re willing to put in the work and effort to achieve.  Break that glass ceiling on welfare.  Come out of the poverty ridden ‘government housing’.  No one is stopping you but yourself!

The list is long of Americans, born into poor circumstance, who have risen above those circumstances and are now wealthy Americans.  yea! for them!  I have no envy.  No grudge.  They’ve achieve (through legal means) more money than I ever will.  And I, as other Conservatives, have no angst against their achievement nor do I think they’re money should be taken by our anything but benevolent government and distributed as government sees fit (which lets face it, would be other Democrats.  Proof is in Solyndra, GM and all the failed “green” jobs” and Union bosses).

America has nothing to apologize for.  In fact, America should be telling the buffoonish, boorish fool like Bill Maher, to give his wealth to the Salvation Army or local Food Bank, instead of the $1million he poured down the Obama reelection latrine.  But that’s not what limousine liberals do.  They leave capitalism to their accountants and socialism policies to their redistributive government.