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Stephens-Davidowitz argues otherwise – and says that if Obama loses his re-election bid, racism will be the reason why.

After Obama’s big win in 2008, writes Stephens-Davidowitz, “Many naturally concluded  that prejudice was not a major factor against a black presidential candidate in modern America. My research, a comparison of Americans’ Google searches and their voting patterns, found otherwise. If my results are correct, racial animus cost Mr. Obama many more votes than we may have realized.”
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There is a stench of “racism” in America.  Black animosity towards white people has been abounding and growing the last 4 miserable years.

White commentators on network news, love to tout anti-Obamaites as “racist”, to give themselves cover and ‘dispensation’ from attack, from other Liberals of ‘color’.  They refuse to accept the fact that their are American of many colors, who oppose Obama’s policies . . . not his superficial skin tone, which is more transparent than his ideology and radical policies.

Yet we have a continual drum beat of ‘white racism’ from black comedians like Chris Rock ( here) and our way too many elected Congress U. S.  people:    Maxine Water, Andre Carson, Cedric Richmond, Alcee Hastings, Fredrica Wilson and Al Green. (here )  These people not only exude racism and anti-bigotry bias, they encourage others to do the same.

Of course, Attorney General Eric Holder and our less than illustrious Pres. Barack Hussein Obama, have had a few ‘slight of hand’ interjections of racism for their political ‘benefit’.  (the Zimmerman/Martin case and  the racism rant of Henry Gates in “beer summit” and Holders dismal of the guilty Black Panther defendants)

It wasn’t racism that put Obama in office; but ever since that dismal day, we’ve heard little more from the aforementioned people, except bigoted, racist comments about white Americans . . . because they’re have opposing political views: conservative views.  This is one of the many reason Barack Hussein Obama will lose the next election.  Americans have enough of the unchecked race bating.

A fish stinks from the head down.  The sink has been emanating from this White House since 2009.  From the man who should be “bring America together” as Americans.  Instead he seeks to “divide and conquer”.