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“President Barack Obama soaked in the support — and the campaign cash — of Manhattan’s elite entertainers Thursday as his re-election team sought to fill its fundraising coffers,” Feller wrote. “Speaking in a dimly lighted, art-filled room, Obama told supporters they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation’s future.’

“You’re the tie-breaker,” he said. “You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”    Read more: here

What a frightening thought. We’re already ‘ruled’ by the godless and arrogant and our dear Leader is saying this is the right direction.

This sort of celebrity swooning statement, is one of the reasons why Barack Hussein “Kardashian” got this “Kardashian” title.

Who in their right mind, would ever think any Hollywood “celebrity” (most of whom are famous for being famous, as the Kardashian’s) would be the “arbiter” of this nation?  Was this a vision of George Washington that we never heard about?  Does American want George Clooney, Babara Streisand or Michael Moore to be the “person empowered to decide matters at issue; to be the judge and decision maker” of any vital issue?  Yikes! Talk about “there goes the neighborhood”!

Of course we realize, Barack Hussein “Kardashian” Obama was sucking up to his best buds, Hollywood celebrities, just as much as the Hollywood celebs were sucking up to him.  A very symbiotic relationship, indeed.  ‘You give me your money and I’ll be in the tank for homosexual marriage “rights” and give you a standing open-door invitation to the White House where you can gaze upon my greatness’.

Hollywood can have Barack “Kardashian” and he can have them.  Neither of which has the intellect, common reason nor respect for our Constitution to be in public office.   Sadly, that is what we have in the Oval Office.  A man who is guided by his own ideology, which is contrary to the Constitution, lacks any leadership skills, held by his contrived biased, liberal judgment and solely concerned with gaining money, power and retaining office.  But this isn’t a box office.  It’s the Presidential office.  Obama isn’t qualified to hold either.